Sermon Audio Files


Listen to the latest audio sermon files from Pastor Mark Gilmore here:

Download Name Play Size Duration
download 20201018_Burn the Ships
Shary Stelter

68.4 MB 53:09 min
download 20201025_No Easy Love
Pastor Mark

82.3 MB 1:01:30 min
download 20201101_Walking the Beatitudes
Pastor Mark

73.2 MB 55:25 min
download 20201108_Stewardship = Readiness
Pastor Mak

79.2 MB 59:26 min
download 20201115_Talents Investing and Sharing
Pastor Mark

84.9 MB 1:03:13 min
download 20201122_Diciple's Wellness Check
Pastor Mark

59.1 MB 44:21 min

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