Sermon Audio Files


Listen to the latest audio sermon files from Pastor Mark Gilmore here:

Download Name Play Size Duration
download 20210124_Rise Up to New Beginnings
Pastor Mark

61.4 MB 45:35 min
download 20210131_Can You Recognize Jesus
NIC Cabinet UMC

46.2 MB 39:22 min
download 20210207_A Touching Miracle
Pastor Mark

63.7 MB 47:14 min
download 20210214_Highs and Lows
Pastor Mark

82.5 MB 1:04:20 min
download 20210221_Inner World Outer Confrontation
Pastor Mark

64 MB 49:09 min
download 20210228 - A Different kind of Denial
Pastor Mark

66.2 MB 50:55 min

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