Sermons, Listen to our Audio Recordings

We have a selection of recorded sermons always available here at Pecatonica United Methodist Chuch. Please feel free to enjoy them online, or download them for enjoyment and studies at home, in the car, or anywhere on-the-go.

Easy instructions for use:
Just click on the green play arrow to listen to the sermon online. Pause or stop at any time.

Right-click on the Download Arrow and select "Download Linked File" to save a copy  to your computer.


Download Name Play Size Duration
download 20201018_Burn the Ships
Shary Stelter

68.4 MB 53:09 min
download 20201025_No Easy Love
Pastor Mark

82.3 MB 1:01:30 min
download 20201101_Walking the Beatitudes
Pastor Mark

73.2 MB 55:25 min
download 20201108_Stewardship = Readiness
Pastor Mak

79.2 MB 59:26 min
download 20201115_Talents Investing and Sharing
Pastor Mark

84.9 MB 1:03:13 min
download 20201122_Diciple's Wellness Check
Pastor Mark

59.1 MB 44:21 min